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Current Exhibitions

Ipsis Litteris
Collage artist Silvana Soriano takes the medium of visual art and transcends language in her representations of idioms, metaphors, sayings and stories by presenting them as literal as can be, playing with the mixtures of cultures and narratives given through words. The exhibition Ipsis Literris, as Soriano has given name to the series, translates to “word for word,” as a play on the pieces’ quite literal portrayal of their meaning.
Alice de Kruijs, Master of New Age Portraiture
Alice also allows her subjects to speak for themselves, in the sense that her place and subject matter inform her work to such a degree that they each take on a life of their own and a distinctive aesthetic… For this exhibition, The CAMP Gallery has compiled a selection of Alice’s works which speak the most to the emotional intelligence she employs in her stylistic choices, the richness of the stories she chooses to tell through her work, and the level of aesthetic beauty she maintains in any of the work she produces.
Out of The Wild
In this OVR exhibition we are looking across the mediums learning and listening to
what the artists are telling us; that although we may be the dominant species, we do not inhabit this planet alone, nor can we survive it alone- as is clearly seen in this pandemic, rising sea levels, and the increasing threat to the natural world that may leave us without the air we all need and share to survive.
Every Year the Flowers Bloom
Every year we wait for Spring, as the ancients waited for Persephone and in that wait we are rewarded with the first buds  pushing up from the soil, breaking out on branches, and de las Mercedes’ many odes to flowers likewise reward our wait.  Drawing on the notion of a certitude in spring growth, this exhibition explores not only the cyclical quality of seasons, but also  the artist’s repeated return to the subject.