Jul 20 2020 - Jul 20 2020

CAMP @ Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020

The Contemporary Art Modern Project is pleased to announce our participation in Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020. Featuring a selection of works by Dominik Schmitt, Joe Ginsberg, and Drew Doggett.
German artist Dominik Schmitt crosses philosophy, religion, and science to create powerful atmospheres through his paintings. His work is based on an intense introspection, a preoccupation with oneself, but also with one's surrounding, to bring forward intrinsically composed pieces. By following his instincts and overstepping the boundaries of traditional art, he turns his canvases into something that can't be controlled and is not always easy to understand, exposing the authencity within his work which serves as a mirror towards one's identity, as well as a window towards Schmitt's own.
Native New Yorker, painter, sculptor, and designer Joe Ginsberg describes his work as a visual shorthand of contemporary culture, abstracting the ambient aesthetics and emotional charge of everyday experiences that, together, create a resounding ode to our personal and collective realities. For Ginsberg, art is one of the aesthetic stimuli that awakens true, inborn emotions, something he argues is a unique capability among sentient beings.
American photographer Drew Doggett blends together ethnography and fashion photography to weave together the extraordinary stories of the most unique people, places, and cultures. His Swell: Endless Blue series depicts an aerial journey above some of the most respected waves in the world, alongside the surfers who conquer them. Inspired by Doggett's own love for the ocean since he was a child, the series exudes the boundless, uninhibited energy found in the sea itself, showcasing the rythms and patterns that mimic the organic forms of the same. Complimenting the works is the Sail: Majesty at Sea series, an intimate look into the world of racing boats as they navigate the open ocean. Doggett relives his days of sailing at a young age through majestic black and white compositions that elegantly highlight the form and function of racing yachts, all beautifully designed to withstand the force of ocean itself, to harness the full power of the wind; the organic, free-flowing forms of the water coupled with the geometric, hard lines of the yachts creating a pattern too beautiful to ignore.
  • Jul 20 2020 - Jul 20 2020

  • Melanie Prapopoulos

  • Andres J. Mora