Nov 30 2020 - Nov 30 2020


Continuing on last year’s monochromatic exhibition this edition of Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos), like last year’s, takes away all that distracts and draws attention to the importance of the work in front. The Greek word: Monokhromos means using black and white, or the use of one color in varying hues, shades and tones, leaving the importance of the pieces exhibited to be found in subject, line and application or utilization of color resulting in a focus not only on the aforementioned but also on the human condition and what has marked and identified us through history.
Giulia Ronchetti, brings the viewer away from the contemporary and into a mystical world of animal beings. Drawing heavily of symbolic definitions of animals she brings forth worlds where these symbolic beings, sometimes alone, sometimes taking over the paper represent the best and on occasion the worst of human behavior. Johnny Ramstedt, in his monochromatic canvases explores emotions through a color palette and through his technique and application of paint, he draws the viewer into experience the mood he is presenting, but also gives free reign to the viewer to experience and define that moment. Marc Brousse, through his lines gives depth and volume to his depicted subject, offering a more intimate look to the many layers and pieces of an object and how when all put together they become the whole depicted. Natalia Schonowski in her textile pieces highlights the masks we wear in public only to really reveal society. Rania Rangou in her works steps into the role of eye witness to moments of isolation, creating vignettes of both self discovery, likening many of her works to representations of ‘everyman.’ Lastly, Karla Kantorovich, in her very use of materials creates works that do not speak just to the here and now, but to the very beginning of time. Her natural fibers, and materials add a nuance of universalism to her works, not only recounting and presenting environmental issues, but also those of humanity, across the globe, and with what we all document existence. All the works in the exhibition present realities stripped to their basic qualities, hushing out the noise that surrounds one and opening a door to experience, both lived and observed.
  • Nov 30 2020 - Nov 30 2020

  • Melanie Prapopoulos