Dec 3 2020 - Dec 3 2020

Reclaiming Poetry: Karla Kantorovich

The CAMP Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition at our new opened space in North Miami, Reclaiming Poetry: Karla Kantorovich.
“Reclaiming Poetry” is Karla Kantorovich’s own way of expressing her spiritual connection to life. Her most recent work draws inspiration from nature; its cycles, change, and beauty. Every piece of her work is unique and precious, creating together a perfect whole. The paper installations in this exhibition are vehicles to unite unlikely elements - old and new, natural and man-made - to create one cohesive piece representative of unity and our binding humanity. Kantorovich’s handmade paper resembles the trunks of trees, which are nature’s witnesses of time and history. Paper also reminds us of our own fragility. It changes through time, even when untouched. It is a symbol of all that is to be written, reflective of everything that can be, and suggestive of everything that can become. Much like paper, reality can be rewritten and reassembled; it is fluid and ever-changing.
“Reclaiming poetry” invites audiences to feel and explore the possibility that our existence extends far beyond the physical body and transcends materiality.
  Curated by Rina Gitlin, independent curator, art historian, and exhibition producer. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Museum Studies from Harvard University Extension School.
  • Dec 3 2020 - Dec 3 2020