Apr 15 2020 - Apr 15 2020

The Feel


Native New Yorker, painter, sculptor, and designer Joseph Ginsberg describes his work as a visual shorthand of contemporary culture, abstracting the ambient aesthetics and emotional charge of everyday experiences that, together, create a resounding ode to our personal and collective realities. For Ginsberg, art is one of the aesthetic stimuli that awakens true, inborn emotions, something he argues is a unique capability among sentient beings. Thus, The Feel addresses the interconnectedness of humanity and art, anxious or joyful, public or private, and everything in between and beyond through a stunning balance of large and chaotic oil works and delicate, whimsical watercolors on paper. Among various pieces on exhibit, the viscerally hilarious Take the Bus, featured in The Feel, is a multi-dimensional collage of parking tickets and embarrassment, and schadenfreude; Water Lily, alternatively, personifies the fanciful aspects of nature and uses watercolor in replication of a dance.
To guide movement visually and spatially, CAMP presents The Feel as a journey from the resigned and peaceful outskirts of a city that leads to the busy and alienating urban center, speaking to the power of transformation that emotional experiences have on human beings, even in isolation.

About the Artist

Born in New York in 1958, Joseph Ginsberg received his early foundation in art starting at the age of 4, drawing non-stop on books, napkins and miscellaneous items before pursuing formal training in New York. He began to develop his personal style, creating paintings and drawings that show the influence of New York urban life, politics, human existence in conflict with the dreamlike balance of the natural elements surrounding him, often letting his art move him, subconsciously, allowing his hand free to visualize.

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To help abide by social distancing recommendations, we are glad to debut The Feel, a solo exhibition by artist Joseph Ginsberg, as part of our exclusive online exhibition initiative. The Contemporary Art Modern Project will continue to bring open access to our art and artists, and full virtual tours of the shows.
  • Apr 15 2020 - Apr 15 2020

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