The CAMP Gang and myself have been a little quiet since December but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! Since the marathon which was 2020, we rested for a couple of days and hurled ourselves into 2021. Our plan this year is to put together 34 exhibitions both online and physical, but knowing me, and the gang, we will do more than that!   This month we have the pleasure of welcoming The Texture of Grief into the gallery for a solo show, Miami artist Aurora Molina has created woven works focusing on the thoughts of the subconscious when one’s hands

Happy December!    It has been a year.   We closed one gallery, opened a new one, moved gallery locations, took part in online fairs, did online exhibitions, in-gallery exhibitions, signed new artists—I watched the CAMP team grow all from Westport, Connecticut! It has been an exercise in organizing and trusting the Miami and New York team, which has paid off. They all have done a great job, so a special thank you to the campers for bringing my vision to life!     We are closing the year out with our first ever online virtual gallery! I was approached back in May by Emperia out

Happy November!    October was a whirlwind in The CAMP Gallery, not just because of the success of our two exhibitions: 40 Women Pulling at The Threads of Social Discourse: F.A.M.A & Guests, and Feminism From South to North, but also because we moved locations! Bye-bye Little River, Hello North Miami! Thanks Jan for all you did, and Gabe, Maria, and Andres! I am super excited to announce that our new gallery address is: 791 N.E. 125th Street, North Miami. Our new space is much smaller and more intimate, which is a nice change! Here, we aim to forge more connections for our artists,

Getting to October has been something of a task this year, the reason being that during the early days of COVID,  Fiber Artists - Miami Association  (FAMA) formed and with that came October’s exhibition.     Evelyn Politzer, Alina Rodriquez Rojo, and Aurora Molina, all fiber artists in Miami, came together (from a distance) and formed this organization to create a niche for fiber arts, to work together to make different projects and frankly to becoming a force in the Miami Art Scene. Last year at the gallery we held a textile exhibition: Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse, where women fiber

At The CAMP Gallery, September kicks off with the second edition of The Hamptons Virtual Art Fair, where we are exhibiting works by Dominik Schmitt, Joseph Ginsberg and Drew Doggett.   Dominik Schmitt is a German artist deeply focused on the internal, and often fragmented, reality distorted by individual interpretations. There is a certain ‘tongue in cheek’ approach to his works, also reflected in their titles. One of my favorite works and one that has received a lot of attention from people like Jerry Saltz, is Oasis, which depicts a human with a boar’s head, comfortably situated on a yellow inflatable kid’s